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While many celebrities have fawned over and forgiven the 15-year-old Justin Bieber for his use of the n-word in a tasteless joke, the opinion of the man who was perhaps most directly disrespect still remains an enigma.

Usher gets the credit for discovering and grooming Biebz to the worldwide success and just happened to be out in Los Angeles as the dust over the controversy began to settle.

Unfortunately, he declined to give any sort of comment on the matter, politically correct or not.

Via TMZ:

Usher had the opportunity to join the growing list of BFOJBs who have leaped to Justin Bieber’s defense … but instead he bolted.

Our photog spotted Ush yesterday in L.A. … and of course asked about the video of 15-year-old Justin using the n-word as the punchline to a horribly unfunny joke.

You’d think, Usher — being Bieber’s longtime mentor and African-American — would have something to say on the topic, but watch … who knew he did a Houdini impression?

As we’ve reported, Floyd Mayweather, Soulja Boy and others have already spoken up for Justin — which makes Usher’s reaction very interesting.

Justin Bieber released a formal apology regarding the situation, blaming his immaturity and adolescent for the joke and saying it doesn’t represent the man he has become.

Photo: Instagram/Justin Bieber