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Rumors swirled about why Cam’ron reneged on a performance at The Forum in London on Tuesday night (June 3) just before he was slated to hit the stage. Some said that the Harlem native had been robbed by locals, but he took to Instagram to clear the air of all hearsay. 

Killa Cam actually addressed the situation in a pair of videos, and both are absolutely hilarious. In a lengthy caption, the veteran rapper said, “So n*ggas brought 50 n*ggas to da show to jump London? And rush da stage?!” He continued, “They had 15 n*ggas in front of da stage (that rushed the stage) and 35 n*ggas outside.. And I was wit 2 n*ggas.”

Cam’ron was taken aback by the attempt, but was oddly flattered by the amount of people who attempted to get the drop on him. “50 n*ggas tho? For lil ol me.. I’m glad y’all know dats da minimum y’all better come wit..Lol.”

He also mentioned that he wasn’t armed, nor did the venue or promoters have the means to keep his safe (as previously discussed), so he decided to take the high road before potentially violent situation escalated.

“Sorry to all my fans dat came to da show but as u can see they tried to line me up. And only da barber lines me up,” Cam said in the statement. Peep his explanation below and an even funnier clip on the following page. 

Photo: Instagram

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