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The entire world legitimately assumed that Apple acquiring Beats Music for $3.2 billion would lead to some sort of technological advancement. As for what kind of groundbreaking progression in the tech world was to be determined, but according to a couple new findings, the headphones game could be revolutionized as we know it.

According to 9to5Mac, the fruit company is currently grooming their manufacturers to churn out mass production Beats headphones with the Lightning port opposed to the standard 3.5mm jack. Reportedly, there will be two different configurations in the Standard Lightning Headphones and the Advanced Lightning Headphones. The latter will allow built-in features such as noise cancellation and digital signal processors.

Aside from the obviousness of having to ditch perfectly good headphones in order to keep up with Team Apple, 247/Wall St. points out that the Lightning headphones will allow super high playback quality and the power to control apps.

No word or report as to when these supposed transformations in the Beats line are supposed to take place.

Both Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine smoothly transitioned into executive positions at Apple following the May 28 official announcement that the billion dollar deal had been finalized.

Photos: WENN, 9to5Mac