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Police in Kentucky confiscated $3 million worth of stolen Nike shoes from a woman that says she didn’t know they were jacked. The woman bought the shoes from some other lady for $5 a pair, and had been selling them off with her daughter’s help.

No clue why she didn’t questioned how the seller had access to thousands of Nike product. The shoes were supposed to be shipped to a distribution location back in 2009, but they never made it. “I can’t even tell you how many shoes we had, it was unbelievable,” the daughter told WLKY 32. “…There was flip flops, there was Jennifer Lopez , Kim Kardashian heels… you know what I mean? Expensive shoes.”

The daughter said that she had more Jordans  than a sneakerhead could even “imagine,” and she was still wearing pair during an interview with WLKY. “I’d take em to the flea market and I’d sit there not even two hours and make $200,” she said.

The Radcliff Police Department is investigating why the shoes never made it to their intended destination. Nike contacted authorities about the stolen property and were able to match up the shipping and serial numbers with the collection found in the woman’s yard. Some of the shoes still had the tags on them.

Photo: WLKY