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Edge of Tomorrow is poised to be a box-office smash and the film’s stars have pulled out all the stops to make sure that happens.

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt did the unthinkable by launching not one but three world premieres in two continents in a single day.

Yes, you read that correctly. With time differences and complete disregard for sleep on their side, the WB crew made the never-before-seen stunt a living reality. New York City, Paris and London were all invaded for the 24-hour event.

The cool marketing ploy kind of falls in line with the movie’s premise, as Groundhog Day meets Battlestar Galactica for a sci-fi thriller that surely pushes the envelope. Cruise stars Major William Cage, a wet-nosed officer who falls into a time loop after being killed in battle. Coupled with the fortunate opportunities of being able to learn from his fatal mistakes and getting to look at Emily Blunt with each reset, their eventual victory seems likely.

Only one way to find out. Go see Edge of Tomorrow sometime this week and scroll through the gallery to see the 3-for-1 fan premiere deal. Kudos to the unheralded efforts of the wardrobe, hair and makeup team.

Photos: Warner Bros.

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