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TLC recently claimed it’s not difficult “to sell sex.” That may be true but that doesn’t make it any less fun to occasionally dibble and dabble in. Whether it’s raging hormones or something in the summertime air, Hip-Hop went extra hard with the lustful visuals these past seven days and The Wrap Up: Hip-Hop Wired’s Top 10 Videos Of The Week has encapsulated all the T&A for your pleasure.

A strip club visual is always serviceable but one particular artist decided to creative and put the eye attractions in more environmental setting in a video they directed themselves. Another decided it would be proper to grab their homies and highlight all the girls in the vicinity around them. And there is nothing like a rapper saying their culture by putting on a Fashion Week type photo shoot in their own back room.

And before you intellectuals accuse this week’s Wrap Up bowing to simple sexism, just know traditional MCs like Pharoahe Monch and Stalley are spliced in between the eye candy to provide some diversity. Make no doubt about it, they earned it. Even the top video is as silly as they come.


Photo: YouTube

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