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The moment has finally arrived.

Every four years, the world’s most fierce competitors risk every ounce of plasma in their molecules for supreme dominance in the biggest sport known to man. Yeah, the Summer Olympics are something like a big deal but the FIFA World Cup is a center stage event in its own right. As we as a global society thrive in this present-day Industrial Revolution of social media and new marketing techniques, the 2014 contest is sure to be magnified with every hashtag, retweet and post.

ESPN was keen enough to call up on the home team services of Brazilian artist Cristiano Siqueira to craft one-of-a-kind World Cup posters as the action kicks off today, June 12.

Thumb through the alphabetically ordered gallery to see the incredible digital memorabilia for the World Cup and let us know which one(s) you prefer in the comment section below.

To see the schedule of games, visit here.

Photos: ESPN

H/T: Lossip

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