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“On record, I don’t have a problem with Ice Cube, but if Ice Cube tries to push me, I will chew his f**king head off.”

With the recent trend of subliminal dissing going on amongst rappers, Glasses Malone clearly has no problems with the direct approach and just saying names.

As Ice Cube has been taking jabs and lightweight downplaying the New West, Malone reflects on his own prior issues with Cube and would be more than willing to battle it out with the OG rapper.

An interview with HipHopWired revealed how Malone feels on Cube’s recent shots and although he respects him, there’s only so much a person can take.

“Honestly man, Ice Cube is recording songs for a pro (?), Ice Cube is on a promotional run.  I don’t know, you know maybe some things I say he took offense to before, but like I said in the interview I did with, I don’t go no disrespect for that dude, that dude molded my style.  I’m sure he read that too but he’s constantly going on, there’s only so long I’m just going to let somebody get out of line with it.”

In regards to an actual record sending shots at Cube, Malone says it is non-existent, but always a possibility if given enough incentive.

“Like right now, do I have an Ice Cube diss record?  No, I ain’t got no Ice Cube diss record.  I listen to his songs, I listened to his songs yesterday.  That’s kind of like ridiculous, but at the end of the day, I am a man and I do this rap Shyte pretty well and if you don’t know how well I do it these fools are going to explain to you how well I do this.”

Above all else, the rapper maintains having a respect for Cube and all that he has done for the West in his rapping career and a battle would all be just in the spirit of competition.

“I would love, I wouldn’t mind, like if you want to start with me on the microphone, I’m like N***a come on.  As of right now, I don’t have no record dissing that dude, that’s f**king Ice Cube.  You know what I mean?  I’m like damn, f**kin I’m a fan.  But like I say, sometimes like you know, he might have took whatever I said in the wrong light and maybe he got something to say about it.  But like I say, Jay Rock is right in that situation, he should have said it right at somebody.”

After a while, talk does fall on a deaf ear, so it’s good to know that some want to simply box in the ring and find out who stands victorious.  Let the lyrics speak for themselves.

Does anyone think the Cube, NOW, would be able to go 12 rounds and deliver a 2010 “No Vaseline” or would the underdog prevail?