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The latest celebrity Twitter battle involves the young and the senseless. Rev. Run’s son, Jo Jo Simmons received a Twitter jab from Soulja Boy Tuesday after announcing to all 34,000 + of his followers that SB wasn’t “too dope” lyrically while posting a link to his song “Patriotic”. Jo Jo’s Tweet read:

“Lyrically Soulja Boy aint to dope but musically he’s a genuis this join right here kinda catchy”

Enraged and offended, Soulja Boy fired back saying:

“@YoungSimmons Lyrically I ain’t dope?.. “Kinda” catchy? Watch your mouth bruh..”

Obviously fearing the wrath of the Simmons’ clan and probably prompted by his PR team, Soulja Boy deleted the tweet quickly and acted as though it never happened. Apparently Jo Jo didn’t see the tweet before it was removed but heard about it. He tweeted this morning saying:

“That Soulja Boy post gotta be fake. If i aint see it then i dont believe it and it ain’t there.”

Wow!!! We can’t wait to see this lyrical battle… But Jo Jo, get a hit first at least to make this battle relevant.