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After the increase in violence on Chicago’s Southside, two government officials are requesting back-up from the National Guard.

After more than 72 people have been injured in April alone leaving at least 10 dead due to an increase in gang violence, State Rep. John Fritchey and Rep. Lashawn Ford are urging Governor  Quinn to deploy the Guard in Chicago.

The state reps aren’t talking about having National Guard troops with tanks in the street or taking over neighborhoods by walking around with machine guns, but they are hoping that the presence of the National Guard’s will eliminate a lot of the activity by establishing a presence.

The most recent shooting, claimed the life of a two-year-old little girl who was shot in the head after the assailant was attempting to shoot at her father.

According to reports, the toddler’s father stopped to get cigarettes from a local store when 21-year-old Danzeal Finley opened fire into the car where the toddler was strapped in with her two other siblings striking her in the head and killing her.

Finley who was shot weeks earlier refused to tell police whether the shooting was in retaliation or not.

Although there have been no confirmations on whether the National Guard will be deployed into Chicago as of press time, it is truly sad that our neighborhoods are getting to this point.

2-Year-Old Fatally Shot In The Head In Chicago