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The phenomenon of people with dark skin bleaching their skin lighter isn’t new, yet it has been rising in prominence due in parts to efforts from African singer Dencia and the Whitenicious product. Now, a Kenyan model and socialite is endorsing the practice and a “#BleachedBeauty” hashtag has begun trending on Twitter bringing attention to the situation.

Vera Sidika has championed skin lightening, stating that since undergoing the process she’s received more job offers. She also added that African men prefer fairer skin on women, and remains defiant despite critics accusing her of embracing a Western standard of beauty.

My body is my business, nobody else’s business but mine,” she said last week on NTV’s The Trend. “I feel like I needed change and the change is working out for me.”

Twitter users reacted in droves, with some heaping on the slander and others supporting Sidika’s choice to bleach her skin. There has also been plenty of Kenyans familiar with Sidika’s story taking digs at her character as well. Sidika claims she spent 15 million Kenyan shillings, or around $170,000,  for her skin lightening process.

No matter what side you’re on, there’s plenty of chatter around the issue on social media.

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