Just about anything Lupe Fiasco says could get him caught up in some kind of controversy and he doesn’t care. At 32, Fiasco is a multi-Grammy-winning artists who has — for what it’s worth — evolved in his opinion while maneuvering his way through this planet called Hip-Hop.

He doesn’t always have the best relationship with some of his peers, and is never not outspoken with his ideals. This week, Fiasco and battle rapper  Dizaster had a Twitter tift over the “Mission” MC’s personal list of best rappers. MF Doom tops said list, while Kendrick Lamar didn’t chart. Dizaster was offended and roped Fiasco into a Twitter debate about music, religion, and touted a public conversation about “life in general” that he hopes to have with the Chicago native (probably not gonna’ happen).

Not sure if Dizaster was bored, or if he’s genuinely interested in some form of discussion, but Fiasco isn’t one to turn down a little verbal discourse . He doesn’t seem to many any real harm though. Perhaps he just likes getting his point across, and engaging the sport of debate.

Take a look at some of his targets below.

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