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The infamous pic of Lil Wayne planting a full lip kiss on his surrogate daddy, Birdman will forever remain one of the most talked about non-musical moments in Hip-Hop history. Let former Hot Boy Turk tell it however, the media, fans and critics totally blew it out of proportion as he says they all used to swap spit with the Cash Money patriarch.

“That’s just something n***as did in-house. Just like when n***a’s play basketball; n***a might make a shot, n***a hit him on his ass. That don’t mean he a f*g, that means ‘good job’,” Turk tells Vlad TV in a recent sitdown. “We all used do that s**t. That was an in-house thing. N***as used to be like, ‘You got love for a n***a? How much you love me?’ It just was a homeboy thing.”

When Turk says “we all,” he means everybody except for Juvenile, pointing out the fact that he was more “mature” at the time then all the other members. “We was all like Baby kids at one time. He took us from our momma when we were young, so he was like a big brother/daddy for the ones who ain’t have it,” Turk continued. “Only one that didn’t was Juvenile. Because even though his name was Juvenile, he was old. So he didn’t look at Baby the way we did.”

And with the exception of Juvenile once again, all of the Hot Boys have had to do stints in prison, with Turk arguably having the felony conviction hit his career the hardest. In 2005, Turk was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison for possession of a firearm, being a fugitive from justice in possession of a firearm, and ended up copping to a plea deal of attempted second degree murder. During the time, Lil Wayne rose to superstardom within the music industry and Juvenile and B.G. remained moderate celebrities with the names they had built up for themselves over the years. Turk has since released several singles and mixtapes since his release from prison but nothing has ever really caught on with the public.

Check out the rest of the interview on the next page to peep Turk’s take on whether or not the CMB should be considered gay or nah.

Photo: Instagram/Turk Emani

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