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Black Church, Inc., the latest documentary from Moguldom Studios, will certainly rub plenty of people the wrong way.

In the latter years, Black “mega churches” have become more and more world-renowned, boasting snazzy pastors who deliver Sunday sermons before large audiences of benevolent members. As a result, church-goers, parishioners and even the government are probing these institutions regarding collection of tithes and other monies, and where those funds actually end up.

The docufilm delves deep into the controversial topic of financial abuse at the hands of so-called “prophets for profit.”

Via press release:

“The film compares the black church’s origins to its modern day cultural relevance, and focuses on modern mega-churches and asks hard-hitting questions about service vs. the extravagant lifestyles of its multi-million dollar ministers and ministries. As the nation attempts to bounce back from a recession, mega-churches continue to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to fund their pastors’ exorbitant lifestyles.

“Through interviews with clergy members, politicians, community leaders and journalists, Black Church, Inc. explores whether the preachers, parishioners or communities are the benefactors of the millions of tax-free revenue generated by religious organizations.

“Black Church, Inc. attempts to justify the dichotomy of the profits of prophets. It takes a look at pastors who are seen as activists including Rev. Taharka Robinson, Rev. Al Sharpton and Pastor Raphael Warnock, as well as other pastors such as Rev. Eddie Long, Rev. Creflo Dollar and Rev. T.D. Jakes. The documentary takes a deep dive into controversial issues clouding the church including “love offerings” (cash payments given to ministers), financial abuse and the deification of the mega-church pastor all while asking… is prayer-for-profit moral?”

Check out the trailer below. Hit the flip to see official flyer. Black Church, Inc. will be released on Google Play and iTunes this June 30. Sound off in the comments, we want to know what you think.

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