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No one can blame you if you wait until every Friday to catch up on your music videos. There is tons of clutter that hits the viral circuit on the hourly but rest assured The Wrap Up: Hip-Hop Wired’s Top 10 Videos Of The Week will hold you down.

Speaking of clutter, there is always videos starring non-rappers that never manage to make into the countdown. Miraculously, Dame Dash managed to change that this week. Swag is as swag does and sometimes with the right camera lens, you can pull off entertaining visuals that aren’t dependent on the music. Sometimes.

Since we’re in nearing the cusp of summertime, a few exotic bikini/strip club videos are too be expected. However, the grit and grind of real life is the predominant theme here. From Brooklyn mornings to Chicago days that barely differentiate from one another, the everyday is exemplified all over the globe. And that’s exemplified, not to be confused with glorified.

Hit the pages to see who are the reigning champs of the week!

Photo: Casey Athena

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