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Detroit native and D12 Member Bizarre has been out the spotlight for over three years. The “horror core” MC was often viewed more as the class clown than a true MC but after the death of band mate and good friend Proof; things have taken a turn for the better. got an exclusive interview with the Shady emcee to discuss his new album, Friday Night at St. Andrews, Eminem and D12’s life after Proof’s untimely passing.

Hip-Hop Wired:  Your new album, Friday Night St. Andrews sounds a lot different than your previous records, where would you say that you are at lyrically with this album?

Bizarre: Honestly with this album, I am taking it back to the real roots of Hip-Hop. Even with the title of the album, Friday Nights at St. Andrews, is based on a real Hip-Hop club in Detroit that always pops off on Fridays and I really wanted to capture the true essence of Hip-Hop and really show my fans where I am as a lyricist.

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Hip-Hop Wired:  How do you feel about critics labeling both D12’s and your previous solo efforts as cartoonish?

Bizarre: Well we like to have fun and wild out, but we all came from hard core street rap. That is honestly who we have always been, we just tried to lighten it up a little to say have fun, in a time when Hip-Hop was way too serious.  But we are way more talented than what you initially saw.

Hip-Hop Wired:  What is bringing the change lyrically now?

Bizarre: Honestly, life. Thinking about the legacy of Proof and really wanting to show not only his true skills, but D12’s skills as well.  Now it’s a lot more serious things to talk about.

Hip-Hop Wired:  Touching on Proof’s death, how is D12 coping with the loss of your friend and do you think that you guys will reunite to put out another album?

Bizarre: Even though it has been a few years, we are still taking it day by day, ya know. I mean, he was our brother and to have him taken the way he was is still painful. Em[inem] took it the hardest, because they were really close and grew up together. We plan on coming together to make another album; Em is on board so it’s definitely in the works. We are currently working on some tracks and will probably release a single after Em finishes his album and D12 just wrapped up a short tour in Canada.

Hip-Hop Wired:  Are you or D12 making any appearances on Eminem’s new album?

Bizarre: We have recorded some tracks but as for if they will appear on Em’s album or the D12 album we aren’t sure yet.  But we are definitely keeping in contact with Em on things just to make sure he’s good.

Friday Night at St. Andrews drops May 18.