Tyga is the “King of Gold Chains,” and all things exuberant. One look at his Instagram account will clearly show that the West Coast’s Young Money rep. lives in a world fit for a Pharaoh.He’s a globetrotter (you’ll see in the gallery, just wait on it), with lots of nice cars, rich Middle Eastern friends, and tigers –there always  has to be a tiger somewhere in the equation, hence the stage name.

If you ask how he finances all of this stuff, he’ll probably tell you to mind your business. But from what we know, Tyga has worked hard to stack his racks. He’s had some hit singles (“Rack City,” “Deuces,” “Faded”) in the last few years, and at the tender age of 24, Tyga is worth about $8 million.

Multi-millions in the bank translates into more than enough cheese to drape himself in gold every single day, if he wants to (a little less if, he paid cash for that $6.5 million mansion).

There’s also a new album on the agenda for Tyga, and he’s currently embroiled in a pointless beef  (promo for the album) with Chicago rapper Lil Durk. It’s clear that he has a lot on his plate!

Hit the gallery to find out some of the things we learned from his Instagram page.


Photos: Instagram

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