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As most non-soccer fans are discovering during the 2014 World Cup, the game of (real) football is as intense and physical as the next popular sport.

Of course, general rules of contact still apply. Mike Tyson showed us years ago that biting is very much a possibilty when it is generally an unthinkable penalty and Uruguay’s Luis Suarez has been breaking skin with his teeth during play as well.

Suarez has a checkered past as a “dirty and racist” player. In 2013, he earned a 10-game ban for biting a Chelsea player and the same offense got him a seven-game ban for a 2010 match against Italy. As his team faced elimination against today’s match against Italy. Apparently he craves the taste of pasta while he’s out on the field.


It would be the third biting incident of Suarez’s career, having already served lengthy suspensions at club level for an incident with Ajax in November 2010 and Liverpool in April 2013. He could now face a ban by FIFA at international level should they choose to act on television evidence.

The incident occurred when Suarez collided with Chiellini while waiting on a cross from the left in the 81st minute of the match. Both players tumbled to the ground, with Suarez holding his face having initially looked like he had been clattered by the Italian’s arm. In fact, replays seemed to show that after they ran into each other, Suarez dug his teeth into Chiellini’s shoulder in an almost exact replica of the incident when he bit Branislav Ivanovic while playing for Liverpool against Chelsea last year.

It overshadowed a vital victory for Uruguay, which was secured within 60 seconds of the Suarez-Chiellini incident.

No cards were shown and within moments, Uruguay had scored. A Gaston Ramirez cross found Godin who planted a header beyond Buffon.

Flip through the gallery to see pictures of the Luis Suarez bite and the slander it attracted. This is how you embarrass an entire nation on TV.

Photos: WENN, Twitter

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