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It’s a safe assumption to say that Sony Pictures’ Men in Black 3 is all but long forgotten in the minds of most moviegoers. Yet thanks to a new lawsuit from a former student at the Los Angeles Film School, it’s being flashed back into our memories.

Reports TMZ:

The writers of “Men in Black 3” used a homework assignment stolen from a film school student to finish their blockbuster screenplay … so says the student, who’s now suing for TWO BILLION DOLLARS!!!

In fact, Constantino Basile says his script ideas were so good … they were used in THREE big Hollywood movies and spoofed by Steven Spielberg for the classic SNL short “Laser Cats 7” … according to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

Basile claims he submitted his stories “The World of Jupiter” and “Crisis on Jupiter” as assignments for a class at Los Angeles Film School back in 2011.

In the docs, Basile says a teacher at the school sold his work to Hollywood film writers … who incorporated various elements of the stories into their movies, including “MIB 3,” “Prometheus,” and “Elysium.”

The bad news for Basile — those films weren’t exactly hailed by critics … but “Laser Cats 7” was pretty damn funny

Basile filed the lawsuit without an attorney. He wants $2 billion in damages.

Filing a lawsuit without a lawyer sounds genius if you never intend for the case to actually make it to court. Also, the 2012 film only grossed a fraction of the amount asking for damages: $624 million.

Photo: Sony Pictures