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A teen girl has been arrested after police state that she carjacked a running vehicle.

According to reports, John House left his 12-year old daughter in the car while he ran into a local gas station in Boca Raton, Florida. The car was running with the child inside and that’s when police state that 14-year-old Tottiana Canteen approached the car and forced the 12-year-old out before speeding away.

Responding officers eventually caught up with the car and placed stop sticks to incapacitate the vehicle.  Police say that Canteen turned into a parking lot to avoid the barriers and a police cruiser got in behind her and even backed up and smashed into the police vehicle before being apprehended.

Canteen then told police she and a friend walked to the gas station where they sat on a bench for about three hours, before being coerced by a friend to “take the car”.

Canteen stated that after the carjacking, she picked up her friend and later dropped her off near JC Mitchell School. Canteen said she planned to drive to Delray Beach to visit a friend.

The teen now faces charges of carjacking, possession of marijuana, driving without a license and improper backing.

Police are also investigating whether Canteen was involved in stealing a car from the same gas station the day before.

SMH, all I want to know is where were her parents? A teen girl out for three hours and no one wondering where she is…Epic Fail.