Sometimes, the struggle of others is the gift that keeps giving. In the latest news of said uphill battles, a Florida barbershop is in hot water after police say the establishment also doubled as a strip club.

Super Fades – yes, you read that correctly – is located in Orlando, and over the weekend cops raided the joint to find that 43-year-old shop owner Derrick DeKeith Price had nude dancers inside dropping it low. Price was also selling alcohol without the proper permit, a big offense no matter the state. Price is facing multiple charges, and one local outlet said that investigators revealed at least one of the faux shake club employees may have been under the age of 18.

From MyNews13:

Derrick Price is the owner of Super Fades Barbershop in Pine Hills. He was arrested by the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation.

Agents said the barber shop was innocent looking enough by day but was being used as a strip club at night.

Agents released undercover video from the business. The shaky video shows a stripper dancing around a pole in the shop and a man collecting money.

Price was arrested along with two other women. A dancer was also arrested who MBI claims was 17 years old.

Price posted bond, and is awaiting further charges after his release from jail. Among his many charges are operating an adult business without a license and also running an adult business where an individual under 18 was allowed to work.

Something must be in the water down there, eh?

Photo:  City Of Orlando Police Department

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