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The drama continues on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. This week was a continuation of the Benzino shooting storyline only now Joseline and Stevie J are that much deeper in marital conflict as a result.

Working through relationship troubles isn’t always a smooth transition and with this bunch, you never know what to expect. They should also just stop drinking on camera all together, that usually doesn’t end well.

While Zino has been trying to nurse his arm back to health with Althea’s help, the other couples around them are crumbling. This episode in particular was dedicated solely to terrible twosomes, and a couple of side chicks. Scrappy can’t keep his lineup in order, mostly because he’s indecisive, or maybe secretly enjoys the chaos of having women fight for his affection. Stevie’s continuously coppin’ pleas, and Waka is ready for that next step.

Kaleena’s unconventional bedroom predicament earned her more camera time. She had a big decision to make about the future of her family on last night’s episode.

Check the gallery for 11 other things we learned in the gallery below.

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