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When all else fails, blame the baby. Delaware police arrested a father walking with his three children Tuesday (July 8) after he stashed 16 packets of heroine in his eight-month-old son’s diapers. 

Michael Penn, 25, and his three children were strolling down a street in New Castle when police approached him over a shoplifting arrest warrant for lifting a Samsung tablet and other items from a Verizon store. They were able to positively identify him through store surveillance.

Penn was found holding his 5-year-old daughter and baby son in hand, while his 7-year-old son was riding a bike next to him. He initially refused to put the two children down. Authorities then saw him “cover his right hand and shove an unknown item into his youngest child’s front pants area.”

He was arrested thereafter. Once in custody, police noticed something sticking out of the babies pants, and recovered the heroine packets. The bags were branded with names like “Bioshock” and “Death.”

Penn was popped for resisting arrest, child endangerment, and narcotics charges, and released on $4,500 bond. He apologized and said he hid the drugs in the baby’s diaper because he “was scared.”

The children were later placed in the custody of Penn’s grandmother.

Photo: New Castle Police