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Chris Brown has a gotten a pass. According to Fruit Town Piru members of the Bloods gang, they have no problem with the R&B crooner from Virginia reppin’ their set and throwing up their gang signs. 

Reports TMZ:

Chris Brown is no gangbanger — no matter how many gang signs he throws — but one set of Bloods say they’re cool with him acting like one … because he’s paid his dues in the hood.

Chris has aligned himself with the Fruit Town Piru set … dropping Bloods references on Instagram … but leaders of the Fruits (who’ll remain unnamed) tell us Chris was never officially initiated.

The Fruits are down with Chris claiming he’s a Blood because:

– He’s hired several of them to work for him … giving their Compton community an economic boost
– Chris comes to the hood and hangs out with them
– He shot a music video in the neighborhood … and even included some of them in the vid
– He donated a thousand pairs of new shoes to Compton kids

So philanthropy let’s you skip the initiation process? We’re guessing the Fruit Town Piru, or any other Blood set, will have issues with a civilian throwing up said hand signs if he’s not a world famous singer, though.

Also, Bloods aren’t the best group of people to affiliate yourself with if you’re heading to trial in Washington, DC for assault.

Just saying. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.