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“All I know is, I completed my dharma when I met you in Detroit. I have never felt better my entire life.”

While it’s always commendable for any rapper to pay their respects to those before them or anyone else that have inspired them, Charles Hamilton almost seems like he’s gushing for Eminem.

It’s almost like a “Stan” in the flesh!

Penning somewhat of an ode to Slim Shady, the New York rapper cited the Detroit MC’s latest single “I’m Not Afraid” as a reason for his to let go of the letter publicly.

“As of late, I found myself in a “Relapse” rut. I am nicer than any rapper that is to come. Period. And I don’t have a need to battle a Wale or a Cory Gunz to prove it. I know my lyrical ability, whether these hip-hop sites will admit to it or not…”

Hamilton even touched on their encounter, very thoroughly, and fully expressed his appreciated for Em.

We kicked it. Had a chat. Laughed. I think the Newports pissed you off. I hope not. I mighta crossed the line asking to live in your basement…You probably will read this. A lot of people will. Not scared (#ImNotAfraid). “I’m Not Afraid” is what is influencing me to do what I’m doing now. You think I’m scared of LA streetlights? Fawk outta here. Kill me with my iPod on peak (Apple holla at me, MTV come find me). I will be playing the 8 Mile soundtrack, I will be playing your catalogue for all that. lol.”

Well, without trying to knock the kid, it’s good to see Hamilton is lightweight back to being cocky, nothing at all in reference to Shady.

And hey, everybody has to have a hero kids, so let’s let the man have his groupie moment for a second.

Hold on, is he even allowed to be in Detroit yet?