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Early on Monday, football fans were treated to the news that Fox Sports NFL personality Pam Oliver had been demoted as the top sidelines reporter. After holding down her job for 19 years, the network has decided to go with a younger and – ahem, whiter – face.

Not that race has anything to do with Fox’s decision to bump Oliver, 53, from the No. 1 analyst team with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, but she was entering her 20th year in a role she capably held down. Erin Andrews, 36, will work alongside the No. 1 team, with Oliver working in-studio with the No. 2 team, Kevin Burkhardt and John Lynch.

However, Fox will allow Pam Oliver to hit the sidelines for one last time before she moves to her new role. And according to Fox brass, her role is actually an expanded one as well. Although Oliver knew the hit was coming, she expressed she was still stunned by the news. All of Oliver’s diplomacy aside, you know she had to be a little tight at the network.

Social media types exhibited little in the way of chill regarding the demotion, and we can all guess what was said about her infamous hairstyles. Here’s 15 reasons Hip-Hop Wired has compiled as to why Pam Oliver may have gotten the downgrade from Fox Sports. To keep it fair, there was plenty of support and well-deserved accolades, too, in regards to the news, along with the slander.

Also, let’s be honest, Oliver isn’t that bad looking so stop the madness.

Photo: Fox Sports

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