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Probably soon to become every weight watchers dream, an 82-year-old Indian Mystic is claiming that he hasn’t consumed any food or had anything to drink in decades.

According to the man, it has been since 1940, as he is now, reportedly, being studied by doctors the Indian military to learn the secret behind his methods.

The mystic, Prahlad Jani, is claiming that he is a breatharian, meaning that he doesn’t need food or drink to serve as a substance to fill him up and he only draws his nourishment from the air and through meditation.

Clearly, this might not be the case within the confines on the United States as most people can barely stand to breathe the gas-infested air now.

Further investigation show that Jani is not the only person that has been able to accomplish such a thing as there are claims that people living without food or water is called inedia, and it’s actually pretty common for religious fakirs and godmen of India.

As people looked to test his claim, he was examined in 2003 for a week where he did not eat or exercise, but he gradually lost weight which would make his “air-eating” come as unbelievable if the air was meant to feed him.

With days not serving as enough backing, reports are stating that he must be under close observation for months or years to truly prove that there is validity in his claims.