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A Houston teacher has been fired after allegations were reported that she physically assaulted a student in her classroom.

According to officials, science teacher Shari Lynn Davis beat and kicked a 13-year-old student in front of his classmates on April 29 after he attacked a female classmate.

Davis states that she “lost it” after 13-year-old Isaiah Johnson made fun of and allegedly hit a mentally challenged student in her class.

Records indicate that after the initial report was filed by the student’s mother, Davis was terminated but no charges were filed until now.

After two weeks, a student leaked the raw footage that was taped using a cell phone during the horrific incident, on the internet. The video taped evidence is exactly what police needed to file formal charges against the teacher.

In addition, the School administrator’s are now looking into the claim that other teachers were present during the fight and did not report it. A letter was also sent to all the student’s parents or guardians that read:

Dear Parents and/or Guardians:


There has recently been an allegation of a teacher physically assaulting a child at our school.


The incident involved a science teacher and an 8th grade student. It occurred on or about April 29. No other children were involved.


Our school takes all such incidents very seriously and immediate action was taken to safeguard our students. When the allegation was first brought to the school’s attention, the accused teacher was immediately removed from the class room and assigned administrative duties. After a thorough investigation, the teacher involved in the incident has been terminated by the school. Further, if any teacher is found to have witnessed the incident and failed to take appropriate action to safeguard the student, disciplinary action against that teacher will be taken.


Educators are entrusted by parents with their children every day and we have a responsibility to see that they are not only taught but treated with respect. This incident violates every principle by which we operate Jamie’s House Charter School and we will continue to work hard to earn your confidence in us.


Yours sincerely


David Jones, Principal


SMDH, what is the deal with the adults fighting kids? I know the kids today can seem a little rough, but as adults we should know better. What would you do if this was your child? Let us know.

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