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August Alsina is R&B’s newest bad boy/poster child and rumor has it that he just as much as a menace in the sheets as he is in the streets.

The fable goes, the superstar-in-the-making made a groupie pay for her own flight to come to one of his shows in Virginia. After leaving her tickets and backstage passes, he then gassed her up and took her back to his hotel and proceeded to dismember her frame.

Via MyColumbusPower:

I admit I was the aggressor at first. We kissed hard and I practically ripped his clothes off literally.

He got into it and let me play rough with him. But when I took off his underwear LAWD JESUS I didn’t know d*kcs like that existed.

No lie MTO that thing has to be a foot long and thick. It looks like a bottle of Febreze.

When I saw his thing I was like whoa, you’re going to have to go slow with that.

He did at first. It hurt at first. Then I started loving it. After a while he started going in real deep, he pumping me and putting all his weight behind it. It felt good until I felt a pop. Somehow his big d*ck hit something he shouldn’t.

I felt so much pain my legs started shaking.

I swear it must have happened to him before because he immediately stopped and started asking if I was OK. I told him I was, but I wasn’t because blood was dripping out of me and I couldn’t walk.

He had his security team drive me to the hospital and I was there for 4 days with a ruptured cervix. Doctors say that I lost so much blood that I could have died.

Now I’m considering suing August for my pain and suffering. He’s been cool about everything but I think I should be compensated for being injured like that. He should be more careful with that thing in his pants.

So when confronted about the Mandingo fairy tale on KMEL’s The Sana G Morning Show, August played coy about going into vivid detail (thankfully) but didn’t deny the encounter didn’t take place either.

“I mean…it is what it,” August said with mischievous grin. When he went on to explain reasons why he would stop intercourse without planting any seeds, he entangled himself in an incriminating scenario admitting “you could hurt someone if you keep going.”

Watch the video below and decide for yourself what’s real and what’s not. We’re calling bullsh*t but it’s an entertaining scenario regardless.

Photo: Instagram/August Alsina