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When it comes to gentrification and Brooklyn, Spike Lee and Michael Rapaport have a history of not seeing eye to eye. The latter took things to a slanderous level when he called Lee a “s*t stain” during a recent interview. 

Reports US Weekly:

A feud grows in Brooklyn! Michael Rapaport continued his ongoing gentrification battle with Spike Lee, calling the famous director a “s— stain” on HuffPost Live Tuesday, July 22. The stars’ public debate over the topic of Brooklyn’s shifting population began in the spring when Rapaport slammed an epic rant delivered by Lee back in February. “Spike lives on the Upper East Side [in Manhattan],” Rapaport, who appeared in Lee’s 2000 movie Bamboozled, sniffed of the director while appearing on HuffPost Live in April. “The majority of those neighborhoods that have been gentrified have been abandoned… It’s good that it gets better.”

Umm, we’re going to go ahead and say that the people priced out of neighborhoods like Fort Greene, Clinton Hills or even Park Slope years ago wouldn’t say that their places were “abandoned.” Needless to say, Lee had his own vitriol.

Lee, one of Brooklyn’s most famous natives, refused to back down when he caught wind of Rapaport’s comments. “Rapaport doesn’t know what the f— he’s talking about,” he told HuffPost Live in May. “What Michael Rappaport left out… because he’s stupid… [are] the people who could no longer afford to live in Williamsburg. Who could no longer afford to live in Fort Greene. Who could no longer afford to live in Clinton Hill.”

A sh*t stain, though? While Rapaport’s A Tribe Called Quest doc was good, Spike Lee made Do The Right Thing. Doesn’t Rapaport need to show a tad bit more respect, or nah? Let us know in the comments.