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During a recent appearance on Detroit’s Hot 107.5, T.I. quieted all rumors that he ghostwrites for Iggy Azalea.

“I mean, I ain’t no ghostwriter,” the Hustle Gang founder said. “Iggy got her own ideas and thoughts that she presents to the world her own way, man. I couldn’t write a lot of the sh*t she say. I couldn’t put her thoughts into words as articulate as she does.

The last portion of T.I.P.’s statements are definitely a stretch, considering that he’s a well-accomplished MC and is as articulate as they come. But he assured the radio show that his involvement in Azalea’s songwriting process doesn’t exceed the norm.

“Now, don’t get me wrong… everybody in the studio helps with hooks and certain things like that,” T.I. explained. “That goes for me and any of the other top five rappers. Everybody. It could be a producer, a homebody…you want the best ideas. If Iggy can have a mentor than I guess I’m the closest thing to it.”

Azalea, a former Internet sensation with a cult fan base, had songs at the number one and two spots — “Fancy and a feature on Ariana Grande’s “Problem — on the Billboard Hot 100 charts , but in her increased success, she’s become extremely polarizing. Claims that she has a ghostwriter began to arrive after Nicki Minaj spoke on being a female rapper who actually writes all of her rhymes at the 2014 BET Awards. Many thought her statements were aimed towards Azalea, including the Australian artist apparently.

Hear T.I. defend the Hustle Gang affiliate in the clip below.

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