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Spike Lee‘s movie Do The Right Thing celebrated its 25th anniversary recently, and features one of the most explosive death scenes ever filmed. The Brooklyn director spliced scenes of the choking death by NYPD of Radio Raheem with the recent Eric Garner incident in Staten Island, revealing a chilling coincidence.

The clip of Garner being confronted by police and the brawl that ensued has long since gone viral, and the eerie similarities of Radio Raheem’s choking in front of the fictional Sal’s Pizzeria hits home immediately. Without a need for context on his YouTube page, Lee clearly spells out in the 1-minute clip his intention of comparing Garner’s death to that of the boombox-carrying Radio Raheem.

Earlier today, the Garner family met with federal prosecutors, led by Rev. Al Sharpton and his National Action Network team. Since the weekend, Rev. Sharpton and other supporters have been calling for the prosecution of all officers involved in the Garner take down but no charges have yet to be filed.

Watch the Spike Lee Do The Right Thing/Eric Garner clip below. A warning: the images may be disturbing.

Photo: YouTube/Vimeo

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