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Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man tried to bless an NYPD officer with the fade on Saturday, July 26. It wasn’t Peter Parker, though, but a Time Square Spider-Man who was promptly arrested for his struggle. 

It was Junior Bishop in the suspect Spider-Suit who allegedly went ham when an officer confronted him about demanding more money than was offered by a tourist that took a picture with him.

Reports the New York Post:

The not-so-Marvel-ous comic-book creature had been demanding $10 from tourists who wanted to pose for pictures, ­police said.

“Fives, tens, or 20s only,” he allegedly demanded.

It was at about 2 p.m. when a cop overheard the outrageous prices and confronted the superzero.

That’s when the angered arachnid went anarchic, sources said.

Asked for ID, Spidey spewed venom. “F–k you! This is none of your business,” he allegedly seethed, tearing off his mask.

As the cop moves to arrest him, the tights-clad beggar bugs out.

Witness video captures him throwing at least two roundhouse punches at the male officer — the first punch knocking off the cop’s cap — as a policewoman joins in the attempt to subdue Spidey, the sources said.

Reportedly, Bishop had previously been arrested in Times Square in April. Among his current charges are felony assault.

Also, we find the fact that Bishop is wearing Air Jordan 11s in the Bred colorway to be hilarious. That, and the woman heard saying, “Hey, stop araña” (araña being Spanish for “spider”).

Stan Lee would not approve.

Photo: YouTube