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The turn of the century could have proved to be a transitional period of growing pains for the Hip-Hop industry as whole. There was a general agreement amongst nearly everybody to leave the sounds of the 90s and all the violence associated with it behind. With the need for identity separation more dire than ever, so did the dress code.

Rappers honed their crafts as fashion designer in the mid-to-late 90s and by the year 2000, the market was their’s for permanent seizure. Thanks to a booming magazine industry that offered pages of ad space and the rise of the Internet videos, there were endless ways to promote one’s custom fabrics.

And just because a Hip-Hop brand wasn’t primarily owned by an actual recording artist, didn’t mean the bridge between them and the game wasn’t taken advantage of. Rappers such as Fabolous, Ludacris and LL Cool J saw their bank accounts increased thanks to their diligent promotion of various tags and labels.

To celebrate your Throwback Thursday, we proudly present the fifteen best Hip-Hop clothing lines. Remember when your closet was so…colorful?

Photo: Instagram/Nigo

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