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Busta Rhymes, say it isn’t so. The accomplished, legendary MC created ripples throughout the Internets for all the wrong reasons after Toyota premiered their new “Swagger Wagon” ad.

Some will recall the viral achromatic treatment that jumpstarted the campaign four years ago. This time, Bussa Buss was enlisted to give the spot some “authenticity.” But after watching, we doubt that the word properly describes the end result.

It all begins when a young girl unexpectedly utters, “Awright, listen up, motherfathers, this one’s about the swagger wagon, I’ll wash yo mouf out wit soap if you call it a minivan…that’s a dirty w0rd.” From there it pretty much goes awkwardly downhill, with the assistance of some senseless twerking.

See the “Swagger Wagon” clip below and let your thoughts be known in the chorus.


Photo: YouTube