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Representatives from New York City’s police unions have denied that Eric Garner, whose death has been ruled a homicide, was placed in a chokehold by police officers.

Reports DNA Info:

“It was not a chokehold,” Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch said Tuesday at a press conference at PBA headquarters. “He was a big man who had to be brought to the ground to be placed under arrest by shorter police officers.”

“Sometimes the use of force is necessary. But it’s never pretty to watch,” Lynch said.

Lynch also refuted the Medical Examiner’s report that Garner’s death was a homicide.

Lynch, who was flanked by Sargeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins, also rejected the video of the incident and the city’s Medical Examiner’s autopsy report that called Garner’s July 18 death a homicide and said it was caused by a chokehold.

“We’ve never seen a document more political than that document that was released by the [Medical Examiner’s] office,” Lynch said. “The mayor needs to support New York City police officers unequivocally. He needs to say it, and he needs to say it forcefully … It is outrageously insulting to all police officers [to suggest] that we go out on our streets to choke people of color.”

Unfortunately, there is plenty of evidence that says otherwise, sir.

We gotta ask, did these union reps even bother to watch the video? It sure looks like a chokehold to us. And even if it wasn’t a chokehold, did actions of the officers there not lead to Garner’s death?

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