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We’re going to go out on the limb and say that most Black people are wary of the Ferguson Police Department’s shenanigans when it comes to the killing of Mike Brown. Nevertheless, FOX News program Fox and Friends was able to find a Black man to proudly go on the record in defense of Ferguson PD. 

Reports Crooks & Liars:

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the obligatory blonde female on the couch at Fox and Friends, is always trying to show her diversity. This morning, with Hasselbeck at the helm, the triumvirate of tragedy tried their damnedest to blame Al Sharpton for escalating the situation on the ground in Ferguson. In order to drive this point home, they look to “The Black Sphere,” a subsidiary of a vehemently racist organization, The Liberty Alliance. With headlines like Riots, Welfare, Racism, and Rampage: Obama’s Legacy of Hopelessness, they gin up hysteria over all things liberal, Obama and left. Headed by Biblical fanatic Brandon Vallorani, this Dominionist group manages to appear diverse with subgroups like The Black Sphere with Kevin Jackson. Like Clarence Thomas and Dr. Ben Carson, black people’s biggest problem is they don’t act more white.

Jackson, who believes Darren Wilson did nothing wrong when he shot and killed unarmed teen Mike Brown, also placed the blame for the unrest in Ferguson on the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Didn’t you hear his cash register going off? He’s doing what Al Sharpton does; to stir up turmoil… they put Ron Johnson in charge,it’s gotten worse, it’s up to the level of Barack Obama, it’s gotten worse….we’re talking about these black leaders that are supposed to quell things and it’s gotten worse.

Be clear; the Black Sphere is part of The Liberty Alliance, a group which supports decidedly right-wing ideas and agendas. In other words, Kevin Jackson is collecting a check for all this self-loathing rhetoric he is spewing. the latest video at

Photo: FOX News