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Lamar Odom must have done a number on Khloe Kardashian because she apparently doesn’t mind being played.

Her new relationship with French Montana has become bubbly tabloid fodder but no one more than “Pop That” rapper has benefitted from the attention. In a recent interview with Billboard, he ultimately revealed his end game, telling journalist Sowmya Krishnamurthy that the goal is to have her adoring public hone in on all the moves that he’s making.

“I want to capitalize on it,” he firmly stated. “I’ll get a fan base from everywhere. I just hope I’ll be able to connect with everything that’s going on.”

Without hesitation, word of the quote immediately pissed off longtime Kardashian fans who thought French Montana was a northwestern state a couple of months ago. Through their pleads of anger, Khloe responded in an atypical manner of someone whose fame is being leached upon.

“It’s amusing to me that Y’all think I don’t see it,” she tweeted. “I was the first one to see it. I just don’t care.”

The latest episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians was all but dedicated to her budding romance with the rapper, even revisiting that faithful night where Odom showed up at the club they were partying at. Kim even forewarned of situations like this and now we are witnessing it firsthand.

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