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If you thought the hoopla surrounding Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” had died down with the release of the single, then you apparently don’t know the Barbz very well.

While the artwork spawned various memes and the teaser trailer for the upcoming video created quite a stir in its own right, a picture is still worth a thousand words and Miss Pink Print caused several million to spew online with the latest round of stills from the clip.

That’s because she brought her “brother” Drake in the mix for a naughty lap dance in one of the scenes. The two have long been speculated to have had romantic encounters since they both catapulted to fame at the same time and Drizzy’s cameo in the video will only add to the speculation.

While Nicki only added the caption #AnacondaVidWednesdayOnVevo, the photos did the rest of the talking as she was seen gyrating over Drake’s pelvic area in one shot and visibly grabbing it in another.

Both superstars have fanbases who sexually idolize them and it doesn’t take a psychic to guess what the reactions were.

We compiled the wildest responses to the pics in the gallery below. The thirst seems to be unquenchable.

Photos: Instagram/Nicki Minaj

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