Remember the old adage, “don’t let the bed bugs bite?” Well, don’t let your kids smoke ’em either.

We know what you’re thinking. “GROSSS!” Truth is, the latest drug trend, which allegedly involves teens killing and crushing into a powder bed bugs to get a quick high, is really just a hoax. According to High Times, on April 1, a very talented bevy of folks put together a “news” video that looked like the real deal, and uploaded it on YouTube before ultimately taking it down. There were blurry images, voice overs and dabbing effects, which made the visual seem all the more real.

Although the video no longer exists, the rumored craze is still spreading like wildfire, prompting members of the online community to weigh in on it. Many have even expressed interest in trying it out (c’mon, son).

Hit the flip to see what Twitter is talking about. You won’t believe some of the things people are actually saying.

Photos: Twitter

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