A couple of Caucasian supporters of Darren Wilson, the cop who shot and killed unarmed teen Mike Brown in Fergurson, MO, showed amongst the predominately Black protestors for seemingly the sake of starting controversy.

A blonde haired woman, armed with a sign which read: “Vigorous prosecution Jay Nikkon??? [Editor’s note: The governor of Missouri’s name is actually Jay Nixon.] “Justice is for everybody. Even P.O. Wilson.” A much older man stood by her side with a sign that simply read “Justice for police officer Wilson.”

While it’s not exactly clear what “justice” they’re seeking for Wilson, whose use of deadly force as caused extreme chaos in a relatively unknown suburb of St. Louis, but the temperament of the protestors was already not to be trifled with and the presence of the Wilson supporters sparked a bit of ruckus.

According to Gawker, the two were swiftly taken away by police for their own safety. FOX News also reported that the pair were attacked during their brief sh*t-stir, but no reports from citizens who were actually there have proven that to be anything but an erroneous headline.

Check out the photos of the incident in the gallery below. It’s probably best for pro-Darren Wilson heads to stick to Facebook.

Photos: Twitter/Lucas Neff

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