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Don Lemon just can’t catch a break can he? Every where that this guy turns, he’s getting dragged for something or another. Today Talib Kweli almost turned into Pinky from Friday After Next  on the CNN anchor, and chances are the viewers wouldn’t have been that mad if he did. Lemon knows how to push buttons. He’s passionate about whatever topics, and he usually rides the wave of criticism pretty well. Lately, he’s been getting into shouting matches on air, and that’s probably good for CNN’s rating. That doesn’t mean he’s intentionally stirring up trouble but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Especially on Twitter. Lemon gets skewered on the barbie of social media almost nightly. He’s can take it though, just look at all the practice he’s had. Check out 10 times he got dismantled in the gallery. — Photo: Instagram

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