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Big Sean recently put on a private show at Brooklyn’s The 1896, courtesy of Coors Light and Complex. Before he could take the stage alongside NOLA rapper Curren$y, Sean Don spoke with Hip-Hop Wired about his current musical undertakings, being a BAPE fan and more.

On new music:

I’m almost done with the new album. The concept alone is great, it’s intense. I can’t speak on it too much, but it’s definitely dope.

On biggest influences in fashion:

My older brother. He was like a dope boy and just had so much style. I wanted to be like him, he was the one who put me on. These glasses right here, people used to get killed over these. I’m not glorifying that either, but I know about these because of my brother.

Besides him, I’d say Pharrell. And of course Kanye. But when Kanye took me under his wing, Pharrell was someone who opened up early on and showed me the ropes, took me to Japan –– him, Kanye, Nigo, everybody. I’m still a BAPE head though [laughs].

On students from his community who want to be rappers:

I don’t think students should focus on rapping at all. I think they should focus on school. They should feed their passions, yes, but I think you learn so much from school and not just about math and science. You learn how to interact.

When I was speaking to the kids yesterday I asked “why would you want to be on the streets, when you can be in school with your friends and the girl or guy that you have a crush on?” When I was younger I didn’t want to go to school, but when I got older I felt stupid for thinking that way. It’s way better to just be with your homies in a learning environment –– kicking it, plotting, scheming together. As a group. Coming up with something major. School teaches how to interact and be disciplined. Focus on passion early on, but simultaneously.

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