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Although the situation in Ferguson has shifted slightly in tone in the weeks since the police shooting death of Michael “Big Mike” Brown, there are still disturbing reports emerging from the scene. According to unnamed sources, Ferguson cops allowed a police dog to relieve itself on a makeshift memorial for Brown before driving over it with their vehicle.

In a letter from Americans Against The Tea Party, the various instances of mistreatment of citizens and protesters by Ferguson forces was laid out in detail. The letter also included an account from Mother Jones writer Mark Follman where he stated several state and local officials, including Alderman Antonio French,  told him that they and other eyewitnesses saw an unidentified police officer allow the dog he was handling to urinate on the Brown memorial. Later, mourners and others supporting the brown family returned to the scene to find the flowers and other notes crushed by police cars.

From Americans Against The Tea Party:

After police arrived, several officers along with their trusty dogs approached demonstrators. Mother Jones reports that three state and local officials confirmed that one officer’s contribution to the memorial, where Brown’s mother laid flowers, was a large amount of ammonia and uric acid – and then devastation.

No video has yet emerged to confirm the claims, but given the wanton lack of regard for the humanity of demonstrators it makes sense that police handling the protests would have absolutely no regard for a memorial to the fallen teenager, given the bigoted viewpoints openly expressed by police involved in exacerbating the situation.

The claims made by the group are not without merit, as the aggressive response by heavily armed police in Ferguson and a bevy of reports from demonstrators on the ground said that they too were mistreated.

Ferguson officials have yet to respond to the allegations brought forth on Wednesday.

Photo: Twitter/Antonio French