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Wyclef Jean made a positive move this weekend, treating three survivors of the Haiti earthquake to a shopping spree.

The three recipients selected by Clef and his Yele Haiti foundation are young ladies who lost limbs during the tragedy.

The organization worked alongside the Global Medical Relief Fund to fly the ladies and their families to New York where Wyclef took them to a local K-Mart for a shopping spree.

Speaking to the media about his plan to smiles on the amputees’ faces, Clef said,

“When you come from a country where you make $1 a day, giving them $1,000 is like giving them $10,000…they need to know there are people like them and they’re normal. Today they’re not thinking, ‘I don’t have a leg.’ They’re just being kids and they’re happy.”

The three recipients of the shopping spree were 17-year-old Margarette Pierre who lost her arm, 17-year-old Chantal Mori who lost her arm as well, and 8-year-old Sarah Maurice who lost her leg above the knee.

The ladies will be flown to Philadelphia in June where they’ll receive free treatment for their prosthetic limbs.

From Left to Right) Chantal Mori, Wyclef Jean, Margarette Pierre and Sarah Maurice

Wyclef and 8-year-old Sarah Maurice

Claudinette Jean, Wyclef Jean and Sarah Maurice

***Photo credit: Bill Davila for LookToThe***