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The United States is slowly but surely repealing its laws against the use of marijuana with most people thinking the plant will be totally legit within a decade. But until then, it’s still illegal to have kush with your orange juice, in most states. That hasn’t stopped a number of NFL players form risking their livelihoods, and millions of dollars, just to get their buzz on.

Recently, the League has clamped down on the reefer madness. This season, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon has become the NFL’s pot poster child as he will miss the entire season due to multiple positive drug tests for ganja. Side note: Ray Rice only received a two-game suspension for knocking his then fiancé unconscious in a hotel elevator. (Kermit the Frog voice) That’s none of our business, though. But Josh Gordon isn’t the only player who likes to smoke buddah.

Here are 10 NFL players who have been busted by the cops or the NFL for kicking it with Mary Jane.

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