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If you’re a Snowman enthusiast, today, September 2 just happens to be a new national holiday for you as Jeezy’s fifth studio album, Seen it All has hit the fan.

If you happen to be an aspiring rapper whose primary techniques are to scheme and piggyback, it’s also a joyous occasion for you. At least, that’s what appeared to a good chunk of the foundation behind the #SeenItAll trending topic.

As fans and critics praised SnowGlo’s new project, several unsigned rappers weaved themselves into the conversation with several records that had nothing to do with the album at all. That’s right. Struggle rappers are no longer spamming music websites for coverage. They’re just blending in with the breaking news.

Check out a few of the unsigned hopes attempts to be “Seen” in the gallery below. You may find a diamond in the rough, but chances are you’ll be digging for coal.

Photos: Instagram/Jeezy, Twitter

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