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Ciara and Future split last month amid messy cheating allegations but like Chris and Karreuche, it’s apparently hard to say goodbye for good.

Mysterious “sources” (i.e. instructed publicists) have put the word out that two star musicians have decided to give their love another go, if only to raise their newborn son.

Via TMZ:

Future and Ciara didn’t stay apart for long … and it’s all because Ciara feels strongly about her son needing his father around 24/7.

Sources close to Future tell TMZ … he and Ciara are living together again — and trying to make things work between them — so Future can help take care of their 4-month-old son, Future Zahir.

Ciara must be willing to overlook the past … since she was the one who claimed Future cheated on her while he was on tour — and then broke off their engagement last month.

We’re told Ciara wasn’t interested in a shared parenting situation … saying she believes Future’s a good father and that it’s best for their son if his dad’s there.

Pretty selfless of her, if she really believes he cheated.

There likely will be plenty of critics with an opinion on the new revelation but Cici may have summed up her decision to reunite with her flame in a recently posted tweet (below). Continue on through the subsequent pages to peep how fast Baby Future is growing up under his famous parental guidance.

Photos: Instagram/Ciara and Future

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