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Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Apollo Nida has 99 problems to worry about. The first, undoubtedly being he was to begin a eight-year prison sentence yesterday, September 10.

Instead, Nida focused on roughly problem number 82 when he decided to forgo turning himself in and jet to the house he shared with his estranged wife Phaedra Parks.

Via US Weekly:

A source tells Us Weekly, “It was the most bizarre thing. Everyone thought he was already at jail this morning. He drove himself to jail and was supposed to be there by noon. So Bravo came over to her house to start filming her coming home and all that stuff. The whole Bravo crew saw it — it’s all on tape. Everyone was shocked.”

Parks’ husband verbally attacked her from their driveway, shouting, “You didn’t come to my hearing!”

Nida — who previously served six years in prison for auto loan fraud — was “running around the house like a lunatic for about 20 minutes. He was psychotic, not even making sense.”

Fortunately, the couple’s two young sons, Ayden and Dylan, were down the street at a neighbor’s house during the outburst.

The police were called, but didn’t arrive until after Nida and his friend had left. He was due to report to the authorities by noon, but clearly missed his deadline. No word yet on the penalties he will face for missing his deadline.

Nida’s sentence was handed down this summer after he was found guilty for check fraud and money laundering. We’re guessing this disqualifies him from any good behavior early release?

According to People, Nida finally turned himself in earlier today.

Photo: Instagram/Apollo Nida

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