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The unrest in Ferguson recently resumed and chances are things will take a turn for the worse now that another angle of the Mike Brown shooting has been recovered.

CNN obtained a new cell phone video that showed two contractors doing construction work reacted to the standoff that resulted in the unarmed teen being shot to death by officer Darren Wilson.

In the roughly two-minute long clip, one of the men can be heard saying “He had his f**n hands up,” as the bullets ripped the life out of Brown’s body.

“The cop didn’t say get on the ground. He just kept shooting,” the man told CNN. He also went on to describe the gruesome scene where he allegedly saw Brown’s “brains come out of his head.” The other contractor reportedly saw Brown shot with his back turned towards Wilson and Brown had put his hands up in an effort to deaden the situation.

Watch the video below and formulate your own opinion about the scenario.

Photo: CNN

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